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Flood Damage Specialists Essex

Water can be fun for all kinds of things like relaxing in the bath, washing the car or even a kids play pool in the summer, However it can also be your worst NIGHTMARE !
If you have a property which has been affected by flood damage in Essex then contact TRIGEM NOW. We will act quickly and decisively to remove the costly affects this can have on your property and in turn restore your property to its original pre-damage condition.

Our team consists of skilled professional engineers, builders and cleaning personnel who have years of experience working with water and flood damaged properties withing the london and Essex areas and employs the most advanced water damage repair structure in the restoration process, we have skilled contractors who can rebuild and refurbish any water damaged areas of your property so you can rest assure your in safe hands at all times.

Specialising in water damage repairs Trigem has learned a unique philosophy of working
sympathetically with clients and have combined extensive experience in traditional construction
methods and craftsmanship with knowledge of specialist techniques, while providing our clients with
practical advice therefore building on our vast experience with handling insurance claims our team
of multi-skilled and highly experienced tradesmen are able to provide the solution to ANY problem.

If you have any questions or would like further information about our water damage repair services or are in need of emergency water damage repairs being undertaken please contact us...

The projects seen below outline the extent of what water can do if left un attended.

Flood damage specialists romford & ilford

Insurance water damage restoration and repair specialists London & Essex

For info on our drying out process please CLICK HERE